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Styling Your Home Before Selling It Off-Market

style your home

So you have decided to sell your home? Congratulations my friend. That’s great news! But it also means you now may need to fix up a few things and improve the look of the place. Basically, you need to get it ready for its potential buyers. Think about it in the same way as your beauty routine. For example, I always want to get some fancy gel nails when I go out. So why wouldn’t I do something nice for my house if I was going to sell it? A little extra goes a long way.

Here are a few tricks that you can do to try and sell your home:

Have real plants in each room

Yes, this includes the bathroom as well. Picture yourself doing your hair, some nice blow wave curls, in your bathroom. Wouldn’t it feel good to have some greenery around you? It would look great in your selfies too! Plants need to be cared for. If you have plants in the home that are cared for and are healthy it shows that the home is cared for, also. There is no need to buy fresh bunches of flowers each time someone comes to view the home. Instead, get some green plants and some nice pots to put them in and place them around the home. 

Furniture placement

Don’t you want all your rooms to feel larger than they actually are? Here, furniture placement is the key element and it works if you know how to do it correctly. You will find most people will scan a home from left to right. So, if you have placed the tallest piece of furniture in the far-left corner then the room will appear a lot bigger.


Take a walk around your home and pause where you think most people will be likely to stop. These are the points that you want to focus on. If it isn’t pleasing to the eye, then you need to change it up and add some flare. When making a bed or adding some artwork get inspired by the colours in them. You might not realise but the front door is the first place that you want to start doing this. What will guests see when they enter and will affect their view on the rest of the home?

Get rid of the TV

Tv screen are big and bulky and they appear as though they are just a black hole in your living room. There is no real way to style them to look good and they take up valuable wall space. If you can get rid of the tv for your inspections.

Diversion theory 

This is something people employ in most houses that are professionally styled. If there is something that cannot be fixed or prettied up, then you need to divert the eye attention somewhere else. Trying to cover something up can actually make it more obvious than beforehand. Get another beautiful item or create a feature wall etc that will draw the eyes attention to that rather than the item you would rather them not see.



The overall feeling needs to be of consistency and balance. You should start with your entryway where people will be entering your home and ensure that the theme is brought right through the rest of the home. You may need to add more colour, and this can easily be done via throw rugs, cushions and artwork.

Paint your fence a dark colour

This will improve your backyard. The dark colours act as a spotlight for the garden that is planted in front of the fence. The dark fence will turn invisible and less obvious, so all the attention is drawn to the plants and flowers that are in the garden making them pop right out.

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