Patrick Collins,
Valerie is an inspired and intelligent attorney. After starting a few different ventures and having Valerie handle all of the legal details, I would not start any project without consulting her first. I consider Valerie to be a partner in my businesses and I trust her judgment implicitly. Valerie is a very fair and "above board" person and because of that I never have to question any decision she makes. I am very confident in Valerie's abilities and her judgment and would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone.
Brandi L Pierce,
Recently I have come to realize the benefits of retaining a lawyer for my small business are just too great to ignore. Valerie really is a rare gem. After meeting with her, I knew she was the one! She has a great personality, is easy to talk to, honest, ethical and extremely knowledgeable! Valerie is also very affordable for the expertise that she brings to the table. I am really grateful to BizNik for allowing me to find a wonderful attorney like Valerie. I know I am in good hands.
Christina Jung,
I could not have asked for a better lawyer than Valerie. Her professionalism and efficiency at handling my claim made the process easy, understandable, and as unobtrusive as possible. I always felt that I was in extremely competent hands. Her timeliness and thoroughness went above and beyond my expectations. I highly recommend Valerie for any legal matter.
Susan Gold,
I have just engaged Valerie as my lawyer, both in business and personally. During my first meeting with her I found her to be not only bright, perceptive and charming, but also able to grasp the complex nature of my problem and arrive at multiple solutions. Her help in analyzing and offering alternatives to give me immediate direction was invaluable. I am very confident we will have a wonderful working relationship. I'm also thrilled she is forming her own company and highly recommend her to all.